All shipment will be sent by "Qui Poste". The order will be processed in 2-5 workdays from the confirm of payment. For all question and problems call the free numbrer 800054000.

Before make order contact us to the free number 800054000 to ask more information about international shipping and costs. The Univirsity of Camerino not assume any responsability to failure international shipping.
If the courier finds nobody in and can’t make the delivery, he will leave a notification; any additional delivery or storage fees are to be paid directly to the carrier. If the goods are not delivered/picked up within 10 days, they will be returned to us. In order to have it sent back to you, you must require it by e-mail or fax within 10 days from the notice of  return to the sender. You will have to pay the cost of storage, as well as shipping costs to us and back to you.
After 10 days without any request, you lose the right to purchase and your payment will be allocated to cover the expenses and services provided by us.